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          Welcome to YTO Group Corporation

          Thanks for visiting our YTO Group Corporation website. Here you will find many types of agricultural and construction equipment for whatever your needs may be. Since our beginning in 1955, YTO has evolved into a leading agricultural and construction machinery manufacturer in China, serving clients around the world. With decades spent expanding our product lines, we are now able to provide a wide range of farm equipment, construction machinery, power machinery, and vehicles, to accommodate any need you may have. Some of our most popular products include: crawler tractor, wheeled tractor, farm harvester, road roller, industrial bulldozer, and pickup truck. As YTO products have the advantages of reliable performance, great durability, and operator comfort, they are widely used in the agriculture, construction, and transportation industries. To complement our collection of products, we also provide related spare parts for customer convenience.

          We at YTO are committed to consistently providing customers with high quality products. We have a state-level technology R&D center consisting of 11 advanced laboratories, which helps ensure the quality and performance of our farm equipment and construction equipment. We are ISO9000 certified, and our tractors, diesel engines, and road rollers have received OECD, CE, and CCC certificates, respectively. Products that meet EPA, E-mark, and GOST standards are also available. In addition, our tractors, combine harvesters, road rollers, loaders, bulldozers, forklifts, and special trucks are manufactured by our independent subsidiaries, whose expertise and specialized knowledge further guarantee the quality of YTO products. We also implement a thorough quality control system which monitors each phase of manufacturing, from raw material selection, through production, to the delivery to our customers. As a result, our customers can feel secure in knowing that our products are high quality.

          In order to provide our products at the most economical prices, we at YTO constantly work to keep our production costs down. For example, we purchase our raw materials and spare parts in large quantities, which helps reduce costs. Our efficient warehouse coordination effectively reduces unnecessary inventory, contributing to our lower costs. We also have a specialized shipping center, which greatly decreases our transportation costs. Last but not least, the utilization of highly automated equipment enables us to improve our efficiency and saves on labor costs. All these factors combined work to lower the prices of our products.

          In addition to high quality and economical prices, we at YTO also provide excellent customer service. All of our combine harvesters, wheel loaders, forklift trucks, and other machinery come with a warranty. We also have many overseas offices, branches, assembly factories, and spare parts centers in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. This, coupled with our more than 100 dealers throughout the world, make it easy for customers to purchase our products and acquire spare parts.

          Please don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed information. We at YTO are confident that you will be satisfied with our products and services.

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